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Common Logic

As part of Fierce Festival, Common Logic is yet another interactive art initiative taking place across the city this week. Created by Anna Horton, the project consists of many small, colourful blocks being placed around notable areas in the centre Birmingham, each mini-sculpture slightly different, but all having corresponding holes and rods which allow the blocks to be attached to one another. This miniature, yet widely spread art installation could perhaps be seen to reflect the nature of scattered ideas or thoughts, that only when brought together make cohesive sense and order.

All eagle-eyed finders of these small wooden gems (and indeed, those who are yet to find one) are invited to attend the Fierce Festival Hub @ VIVID today, Saturday 7th April, at 3pm for a Common Logic collective where the selection of bright blocks will be reunited.

Follow @thecommonlogic on Twitter and check out the Facebook page to find out more. VIVID can be found at 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR.

Words and photography by Anna Lumsden