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Birmingham Footnotes @ 6/8 Kafé

birmingham-footnotesThe Birmingham Footnotes show at the 6/8 Kafé was an entertaining night out. The coffee specialist café seemed an appropriately intimate venue for a very good turnout for this variety comedy show. Lit by candle lights and introduced by an engaging compere, the tone was set for some light-hearted slapstick, wit and humour. There were numerous short stand-up acts which kept the pace of the three-part evening fast and engaging, broken up by a couple of short sketches.

It began with a trio of comedians introduced by the first of the night’s excellent comperes, Jacob Lovick, with his tales of failures in flirtation. The audience were engaged with a show that fulfilled its promise of ‘excitement’ and ‘intrigue’. We learnt to compare the classification of weed as a ‘drug’ to the notion of Pluto as a planet through Ludo Cinelli’s energetic skit and were amused by the ‘Wheatbisk’ stand-up performance by Daniel Moroney. The acts utilised a good range of comedic devices, as pointed out overtly on one occasion.

Dorian Wainwright stepped up to do the compering in the second act and after a short break the fluidity of the evening returned with a timely couple of sketches from ‘Everything but the Gravy’. In the final section the cleverly constructed storyline of Tyler Harding’s rant about the London Underground seemed a simple universal tale that captivated the audience’s imagination and provoked laughter. Following that, we were treated to the wonders of giving blood and the perceived consequences of failing to do so.

kaffe-birminghamMy only criticism during the evening is some of the jokes were not understood by the wider audience beyond the University society; however the format of the evening meant there was a comedy style for every audience member. The humour was light-hearted and self-mocking which made for an uplifting and entertaining evening.

By Adam Spicer