Pigeon Park Press ‘Stories in Winter’ @ 6/8 Cafe

It goes without saying that on Wednesday 30th January I was reminded firstly of how great coffee shops can be off the high street and secondly the importance of storytelling within any arts community. As a newcomer to the fantastic work of Pigeon Park Press I came out buzzing from the eclectic material. From poetry to prose, the performers involved offered some of the best writing in the West Midlands. Through prose, poetry and music, individuals from all over the area came and showcased fragments of their lives and ideas to an enthusiastic audience.

6/8, nestled away from the student hub of The Bullring, is a relaxed, cosy development facing exciting refurbishment. The Temple Row spot proved perfect for ‘Stories in Winter’, the theme of the night. The intimate downstairs space was jam-packed for the whole 3-hour event, reflecting the quality of the material.


Pigeon Park Press honoured their unpretentious ethos in allowing anyone to step up to the stage. The evening opened with Claire Jones, whose poetry stunned me. Her pieces set an exceptionally high standard, with her honest reflections on her gothic days in Back When We Wore Black. My particular favourite, however, was Lemon. ‘Your imperfections make me ache/and make me want you even more’, she read with modesty (and courage, being the first performer!). This is the beauty of such events; the receptive and welcoming audience allow writers to expose some of their most personal work.

After an outstanding opening, the audience were taken through what felt like every possible emotion. From an ode to Day of the Triffids to Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman zombie-fied, organisers Heide Goody and Iain Grant ensured that a rich and varied bill kept a full house for the duration of the night.

If you are yet to attend a Pigeon Park Press event, I cannot recommend it enough. I was introduced to one of the best cafes I have ever been to in Birmingham and met some incredible talent. The night served as a social event as well as a show with the meeting of a large number of creative minds. I would like to thank Iain and Heide of Pigeon Park Press for organising the night, I’m sure it won’t be my last!


The next event is set for around 24th April. To keep up-to-date with upcoming nights, make sure you ‘like’ Pigeon Park Press on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pigeonpark.press?fref=ts

Eleanor Smallwood


2 responses to “Pigeon Park Press ‘Stories in Winter’ @ 6/8 Cafe

  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Ellie!

  2. Eleanor, thank you for your kind comments! Hopefully see you at the next event. Claire

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